Core Issues

“As a parent, over this last year and a half, I had to pause and reexamine the education my children were receiving. The way math, reading, and the fundamentals are taught are radically different from when I attended the very same schools. We need to return back to basics and remove all politics, left or right, from our schools.”

Accessible Curriculum

Every parent has a right to know exactly, down to the last period and decimal point, what their children are being taught. I will ensure that all curricula are publicly available and that parents receive a copy at the start of the school year.

Accountability and Transparency

No parent should be met with anger for simply asking questions of the administration or leadership. If I serve on the SMSD Board, I will address every parent and student question openly and honestly.

Technology in the Classroom

We need to reexamine how tech is used in the classroom. As co-founder of a software company, I am not anti-technology, but advocate value added use, and support teaching computer logic and coding.